To each and every single one of you, from the depths of my heart and soul, I thank you for your beautiful work last night at Shetler Studios. You gave everyone there much more than an hour of entertainment, you gave them all an experience.

Here's some of what one of the producers in attendance had to say:

"Peter, Terrific show tonight. The characters continue to impress, as well as your writing prowess. I really do want to see more, and that is what should happen for a series to succeed. Once again, I'm impressed with all the talented actors you've assembled, and the hard work they put into this. Nice job!"

And another producer:

"It was a wholly new experience having watched the rehearsals, compared to last month only seeing the reading, itself. What a great endeavor and, yes, the actors are really special people as well as talented performers."

And finally, one film maker guest in the audience put it to me this way afterwards:

"There was so much love, so much love!"

Yes. And that love was you, folks. Always know that your craft is a gift from your highest, true self, a giving thing that brings light and life into people's lives. Thank you for bringing it into mine!

OK, now I'm going back to bed... for the month of August!

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