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I guess then, what I'm asking is more on a personal level for you, Peter Loffredo. Given what you've learned writing this Blog, (and I do believe that blog writing is more about expressing what we are currently learning than what we already know), would your first line of attack (for lack of a better phrase) when trying to heal an individual or a group be more akin to Dr. Len's approach, this 4D approach as you're calling it? Or would you assess the situation and deal with it on a 3D or 4D basis depending on what you deemed to have the most efficacy? Given that you're suggesting that 4D trumps 3D, why would you ever go back to solving a problem in a 3D kind of way? To use another simplistic analogy, if the goal is to drive a nail, and you're given a choice between a hammer and a rock to do the job, why would you ever choose the rock? Only if the hammer wasn't an option would you try to use the rock, right? But it seems, for you at least, that the proverbial hammer is now always an option.

OK, let me be more blunt about the question. Given what you now know about the efficacy of this 4D approach, would you ever go back to "kicking ass"? And I realize that this is a very linear question, so I'm hoping you can step back for a second to answer it in a very linear "yes" or "no" fashion. Lol

Here's PL:

And another great question, L56. Thank you!

But here's the thing - to be able to use a Fourth Dimensional approach full time, you have to be operating in fourth dimensional reality full time. I'm getting there, but I'm not fully there yet. How do I know I'm getting there? Well, just from the perspective of my work as a therapist, over the years, I am definitely finding that as I've done more and more work on healing myself, my patients have accelerated their personal healing journey proportionately. And like the therapist in the article, I am doing less intervention and less application of technique but getting more and more powerful results. So, I actually do use the 4D "hammer" approach over the 3D "rock" approach as much as possible.

What I was saying in my prior post is that I understand that a part of me (including a part of my spiritual self) has found the 3D approach interesting and fun to work with for a while, and so that is why the apparent "delay" in moving fully to 4D. Also, in linear reality things take time.

Stay with me, though. I'm going. I expect to arrive to the place that Dr. Len is at in the very near future. In fact, I'm healing you right now, L56, without even being in the same room as you!

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