Here's Loff56:

"Lol - Well... Please don't take this the wrong way, but I hope you find the irony in writing a blog about narcissism that starts out: "I Told You So!
I get your point and appreciate and accept the premise of it one hundred percent. But, 'I Warned You!' might as well read: 'I Told You So!' Which seems to me to be a narcissists calling card. Actually, with a quick Google search I was able to find out that "I Told You So" was the title of a book written by none other than Rush Limbaugh himself.
"Again, I'm not accusing you of actually being a narcissist, but I'll definitely take you to task for a poor choice of phrasing. (Hearty lol on this one, Pete!!!)"

Here's Bonni:

"I remember in an interview, Nadya Suleman, when asked how she was going to take care of and provide for fourteen children, said something along the lines about how it's all going to be okay because what she gives her children is HERSELF. That she really shares herself with them, and she implied that she thinks that other parents don't do that and apparently, the sharing of her glorious self is better than things like food on the table and clean clothes that fit properly and a decent education and medical care..."


Anonymous said...

а все таки: превосходно... а82ч

Anonymous said...

Who else thinks that Russia bears walking the streets, and the vodka flows like water?
And anyone can know that in this country the most beautiful girls?


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