I loved "Superman" comics when I was a kid. He was a hero, a superhero, who was honest, loyal, righteous and committed to the "American Way," plus he was strong, white, handsome and never had sex! What a guy! What a role model for an eight year old, growing up in the suburbs.
Alas, by the time I hit adolescence, I'd grown out of my illusions of Superman and his perfectly good and right actions against only the purest of evil villains, bad guys who could never be right and never have any redeeming value, and I'd really grown out of his chasteness and unrequited love for Lois Lane (OH MY GOD! Was Superman a closet queen?!).
What I didn't realize at the time was that Superman could have been the Republican wet dream, their fantasy of who their ideal leader was, of who they were. I understand. Those comics presented a very orderly, black and white, good and evil world without nuance, without subtlety, without having to think about it.
I understand. When you're a child, that kind of picture is enticing.

So, in that vein, below is an entry by "Dadloff," exactly as it was written... including the "stud" missiles!


"bush was told by all his advisors plus the wmd inspectors from the UN that there were wmds in the posession of saddam and these inspectors were kicked out of iraq with out completing their mission. also, saddam killed 100,000 of his own people with poison gas. remember also that iraq sent stud missles into israel. I suppose these were not wmds. this was a case of the president acting with the information he had at hand from the most reliable sources. was this what we are calling a flaw or was this doing what was in the best interest of our country? remember, because of our actions overseas, we have not been attacked again on our soil. I guess this also was a fluke. saddam was destined to be another hitler. he started off by attacking kuwait, just like hitler did by attacking poland.
"I suppose you don't believe that the islamic terroists do not want to destroy the US and israel. I believe they do and they need to be stopped with whatever means it takes. I also believe that we need to stop countries like iran and north korea from getting nuclear arms, again with whatever means it takes. these countries are a real threat to us and the rest of the world.
"a little bit of history as I know it. the great depression started in 1929, I know, because I was raised during the depression. everyone credits roosevelt with getting us out of the depression with all the programs he started. when ww2 started in 1939, we were still in the midst of the depression. world war II brought us out of it because most of the men between the ages of 18 and 40 were off to war and the rest of the men and a lot of our women were working in factories producing war materials. when the war was over, all these men and women were not needed for wartime jobs, so they went back to doing the work necessary for everyday living. this is what got us out of the depression. this is a recession we are in and history tells us that these recessions come and go on almost a regular basis. but republicans want to blame dems and dems want to blame repubs. raising taxes and reckless spending is not going to solve the problem. putting people back to work and buying american will solve the problem, as well as solving the problems of banks, auto dealers and credit car companies giving out all these easy to get credit loans to anyone who asks for them.
"some more history: korea would not be a threat today if truman had allowed McArthur to stop china from sending in troops and war planes across the border. korea would have been one nation instead of two. the korean war started under trumans watch, by the way. vietnam was a war that started under kennedys watch and johnson saw to it that we had 600,000 troops there only to lose the war. kennedy did a great thing by stopping the soviets from putting missles in cuba, but he blew it when he promised to help with the bay of pigs and then changed his mind and let all those cubans down. reagan won the cold war and caused the soviet union to break up. bush #1 kicked saddam out of kuwait. clinton did nothing about the bombing of the barracks that killed american soldiers, nor did he do anything with the bombing of the cole or the first bombing of the world trade center. he was too busy getting blown in the oval office and smoking flavored cigars. bush #2 may have made a mistake invading iraq, but he did so based on the information he had on hand at the time. but, even so, we may have done the world a favor. obama is now increasing the number of soldiers we have in afganistan, I hope it doesn't turn out to be another situation like johnson created in vietnam. one other point: israel bombed the shit out of the gaza strip. now obama wants to send 60 or 70 million dollars to rebuild something israel destroyed. let israel pay to restore what they destroyed if they really want to show they want peace in that area of the world. someone once said that war is hell and you will find that most people that were or are involved in war would agree. but sometimes there is no other way. if and when we do have to take that road, we all must get behind the gov and the soldiers who have to make the sacrifice. wars should be protested before we get into them, not when we are already involved. our soldiers need our support not our protests. this only gives strength to our enemies.
"as a foot note, I must add this: whether I am a rep or a dem, does not matter. if I like or dislike a president for what ever reason, no matter what, I will always respect the office of the president of the USA. this is from a senior citizen who lived thru wars from ww2 thru and hopefully this one, and thru a depression and a number of recessions. I have lived thru presidents from roosevelt thru obama and I have faith in my country and will always be proud to be an American."

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