Yes, I must admit, I love baseball, and I have always been a Yankees fan. Not a rabid fan. Not a Mets or Red Sox hating fan. But since I was pretty young, I've loved following the Yankees. I was actually at the World Series game with my father on October 10, 1964, when Mickey Mantle led off the ninth inning with a right field game winning blast that landed in the upper deck and broke the record set by Babe Ruth thirty-two years earlier. I was ten years old and I can still remember it. My friend, Steve, still remembers how I lost our tickets to a 1978 play-off game between the Yankees and Kansas City. Ouch! Still, we remained friends, and Steve and I managed to go to one Yankee game a year over these last three decades, even with our changing and busy lives... which brings me to the point of this blog entry -

I don't think we'll be going this year.

Why not?

Well, the price of a decent seat at the new Yankee Stadium runs about $300. As in THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS!! Not a "premium seat," mind you, or a "party suite seat," which runs in the thousands, but just a decent seat. Wow!

I mean, it's okay, though, truth be told. I actually prefer watching the games at home, where I can pause the action for a bathroom or snack break, and TiVo through the commercials and the seventh-inning stretch. Still, I wonder who is going to go to the new Yankee Stadium at those prices? And I must admit, after all these years of being a fan, even if I could afford those ticket prices, I'd rather spend it on dinner and a movie and then watch the game while rubbing my lover's feet in the premium seats in our cozy living room.


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