Here's our friend, Rick, catching up and commenting on a variety of recent blog posts:

"Great blog on the "Hatching" phenomenon. As someone who was hatched after 15 plus years of not living as a whole person, the world is so much easier to navigate. I was successful, happy and had my stuff together. I lived life on my terms and could easily justify I was just fine. I could point to my career, my relationships with wonderful people, my family + friends. Life was grand so what the heck did I need to "work on"? It took one person to call me out and simply described my "character flaw". It took a bit to sink in, but that person was right.
I think you nailed the issue for many people as the barriers to their state of peace. I see it everyday in the eyes of my students. They have these defenses that are striclty survival techniques. I am blessed with the trust of some of them and have helped them toward hatching themselves. When it happens, a big light bulb does go off and you can literally see that the anxiety or insecurity has been fleeing their body + mind. Great work Peter in supporting what we all should be striving to achieve. Although no need to be demeaning, straight talk and no sugar coating is necessary for those of us who think we have it together or those of us who just make excuses instead of looking in the mirror. I was guilty on both counts. Thanks for putting into words what is the essence of therapy and/or self-work.
L56+ Pete Thanks for the clarification on your points about character flaws. Excellent analogy with Clinton and his impeachment. It did nothing but keep us from focusing on what was really important. My mind was a bit muddled at the time and it makes sense now. I agree that assigning Obama's inaction against Bush as a character flaw is a bit of a stretch but hey, it is Peter's blog.
On your take about Texas seceding, it is no surprise the splitered republican party would latch onto an idea that will actually weaken the party. History proves that a party that has ruled too long, begins to forget its base and why it was given power by the people in the first place. This situation allows for someone who otherwise would never make it, to navigate a different party line and win the nomination. If it weren't for the Dems in 2000 + 2004, Obama would never had had a chance. ( The Dems were going to win due to the Repubs + Bush, but "who" was the question?) If it weren't for Nixon and I would argue LBJ, Reagan would never have made it. But I digress.
Intellectually, I struggle with, as I do with the right of the South to have done the same 150 years ago, that secession is "un" American. Our country is built on self-determination, "land of the free", "right to life, liberty and the pursuit of property/happiness" so why not allow a state to "self-determine" it's alliance? I'm still chewing on this one.
As far as not going after Bush, I equate it to some other person who has done you wrong. Is it more important to the victim that the person gets what's due to them or is it more important that the "wronged" seek help to forgive and be able to move on "hatched" again? I tend to think the healing is inward and not external. If Bush + his cronies all get imprisoned for life, how will that help this country? However, if we act to prevent those past transgressions from ever happening again, now there is something we can celebrate and Obama has the mandate to do this.
As I formulated my positions on big social + political issues, the Sicilian in me clouded my thoughts. "Fry the bastards!" who rape + murder children was my rallying cry. However, when I ran for public office, I had to re-examine all of my positions to see if they really were indicative of who I am. I would be tested on my thoughts by people who's main focus, and, for some, life's mission was a particular issue. The death penalty was no different. After research, and particularly testimonials from both families of victims + prisoners, I was left with no choice but to change my view. It was obvious that killing the perpetrator had no lasting impact on the mental health of the victim's family's state of mind. I have come to agree that understanding and forgiveness is the key to being whole again after one has been wronged. Forgiving and understanding can sometimes appear to be a near impossible journey, but one worth taking. Until one does, I think one may remain in the egg, "unhatched".
My gut tells me this, but I'm open to what others have to say."

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