Since my first post on this subject there have been some news stories about the embarrassing reaction of Yankee fans to the outlandish prices of tickets to games at the new Yankee Stadium. Basically, in full view of the television cameras, many of the best seats have been... empty!

Well, that's somewhat good news for the lifelong non-corporate fans of baseball in New York, but yet, the Yankee management (still run by the autocratic, sleazy Steinbrenner family) still doesn't have a clue. They announced yesterday - laughably - that they were cutting the price of their $2,500 seats to $1,250! Is this when one is supposed to type "LOL?!"

Gee, I wouldn't spend twenty-five hundred for a seat, but, hey, twelve hundred? How can I pass on that?

Sorry, guys. I love baseball, and I love the Yankees, but even if I had twelve hundred to easily spend on a game, I would not do it. There's a level at which the price, affordable or not, is a manifestation of greed and corruption and I won't contribute.

Not now, not ever.

But you know... it ain't over 'till it's over!



bonni said...

"Is this when one is supposed to type 'LOL?!'"

I think 'ROTFLMAO' might be more appropriate. ;)

loff56 said...

Yes, LOL indeed!!!

Actually I'm not sure if it was greed or just plain stupidity.

Being in the theater industry, I'm fully aware of the dance that goes on between setting a price for a ticket and getting butts in the seats. Any good Broadway producer will tell you it's better to have a full theater at half price than a half a theater at full price. (Of course they'd sell their children for a full theater at full price but that's a whole other debate. lol)

It's no surprise that the heads of a large corporation would be greedy. Duh! But I'd have to say that the Steinbrenner family were just plain stupid to try to sell those seats for $2,500. What's $2,500 times zero? LOL Better yet, what's $1,250 times zero? LOLOL - Idiots!!

But I guess it doesn't matter much, whether it's greed or stupidity, they're getting punished for it for sure!!! LOLOLOLOL


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