The primary motivation of the right wing fringe in this country (and sadly, what remains of the Republican Party) is no different than what drives all fundamentalist groups throughout the world - IGNORANCE, HATE and FEAR, specifically, fear of the Other.

The driving mania behind a ludicrous economic philosophy that presumes that welfare and socialism for the wealthy is good for the country, while the same for working class citizens is bad, is rooted in a primal terror - of all races other than one's own, of femininity in general, and sensuality overall, of the young and elderly, of artists, of truly spiritual people and of any whose overt sexual orientation is other than heterosexual.

Who does that leave, obviously? Pseudo religious, pseudo-straight fanatics between the ages of 35 and 65, lacking in any real depths of sensuality, artistic sensibilities or true spirituality, latently riddled with castration anxiety and misogyny, who are full of paranoid rage and the hormonal balance of a pubescent boy. Oh... and Ann Coulter.

Ironically, but appropriately, most of the extremists are working class, and so have suffered mightily at the hands of the Republicans ever since the advent of Nixon's "Southern Strategy," followed up by Reagan's "trickle down" con, and whatever the Bushes' economic policies could be called besides, let's call it, "soak-the-poor theocracy."

Meanwhile, these "Tea Party" saps go out and shill for the rich like children who feel compelled to defend their own abusive, alcoholic fathers. Why? Because the crooks and liars in Washington and on Wall Street promise to alleviate the primitive fears of said pseudo-children by keeping progressives of any sort in check. As long as they vote to keep the rich free from regulations and taxes.

Folks, never underestimate how stupid irrational fear can make you!

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