MICHAEL MOORE'S LATEST - opening city-wide today - is a moving, heart-wrenching, funny and withering indictment indeed! Using the facts of the matter and people's own words to incriminate themselves, the great documentarian does it again, revealing the disorders in our society that are no less ravaging and virulent than cancer or heart disease is in our physical bodies.

But here's the thing - my regular clarion call on such disorders as racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc., etc. - We must call the problem what it is.

Using the word "greed" has become so hackneyed and commonplace that we tend to think that these guys - from Donald Regan, Henry Paulson and Dick Cheney to all of the other current corporate crooks and thieves - are just normal people whose greed has gone wild somehow. Or we think that intellectually stunted shills and puppets like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush are guys we'd like to have beer with who really have the best interest of the country at heart.

It's not so.

When your avarice is at such a level that you have no conscience about destroying the lives of thousands if not millions of people, you are talking about a serious psychological disturbance. It is called "sociopathy." When your ignorance is at such a level that you believe that trickle down economics will really benefit everyone or that God wants you to start wars based on fabricated information, you are effectively evil.

At our own great peril do we continue to pretend that these individuals are basically normal people acting badly. These are by any psychiatric standards the clinically and criminally insane, and we are actually letting them run our country into the ground, listening to them on the radio and television as entertainment, and of most concern, we are allowing them, the most disturbed in our society, to redefine reality.

I understand why Michael Moore ended his film by saying: "I can't do this anymore." But... I also know that he won't stop.

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