Of all of the subjects that I've written about over the years, this is the one that most often causes my fury to rise and my heart to break - how our doctors, therapists and "helping professionals" abuse children under the guise of healing them.

Dr. Peter Breggin has long been a hero of mine in this regard. Called "the conscience of psychiatry," Dr. Breggin has been informing the professions, media and the public about the potential dangers of drugs, electroshock, psychosurgery, involuntary treatment, and the biological theories of psychiatry for over four decades.

He is a psychiatrist who has fought against the use of drugs to control not only our children, but adult human beings, as well. With his landmark books, "TOXIC PSYCHIATRY" and "TALKING BACK TO PROZAC," and testifying in congress against the use of drugs to treat emotional and mental disorders, Peter began as a lone voice decades ago.

This is a truly great man, and I am so glad that he is still out there.

I have been fighting against the use of drugs to "treat" children since the use of Ritalin became so prevalent in the 1970's for so-called "hyperactive" kids when I was a young social worker. I knew then, as I know now, that such an Orwellian method of mind and emotion control was destructive in its effect and evil in its intent.

And it's now at epidemic proportions, even so much more rampant today.

Only a couple of years ago, a "learning specialist" at a private elementary school that our son was attending recommended drugs for our son, then only 8 years old, to help him "perform better" at tasks in school. As an encouraging anecdote, said specialist told us about another child, a girl our son's age, who started taking one of the latest "ADHD" drugs for a similar "problem." Here was the specialist's exact quote to us... just before we fired him: "It's true that she did lose a little of her spark, but she got a lot done!"

Imagine someone claiming to be helping children blithely talking about "losing her spark" as part of a reasonable trade-off.


"Millions of our children are being labeled with false and stigmatizing psychiatric diagnoses. Then their brains are being blunted and disabled by psychiatric drugs. These drugs work by crushing spontaneous behavior. Frequently this leads to depression, as well as insomnia, anxiety and psychosis. The stimulants suppress the growth of children, cause abnormalities in their brains, induce sudden cardiac death, and predispose children to cocaine abuse in young adulthood. The antipsychotic drugs work by flattening the emotions and causing docility, so that the children no longer make trouble, at least for a while. With their frontal lobe function suppressed, the kids become more robotic in their behavior, and their mental and emotional growth is stunted. Often these drugs will turn them into lifelong mental patients whose enslaved brains will continue to deteriorate under toxic assault."

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