"There you go again. I don't listen to any of the talk shows because I think the are all full of crap. They don't have anything nice to say about anyone. Sometimes when I am flicking through the tv channels I come across Bill Maher. If you think he is any better than the ones you like to criticize, you have your intellectual head in the sand. The world is too full of hate already to listen to any of the vile, disgusting garbage these guys insist on promoting and that includes conservative and liberal and any one else in between. Maybe it's my age that makes me dislike all this garbage and negative comments made by these people or maybe it's because of my age that I think it is repulsive and non-productive. Do you think you are doing me or many other people any good by these comments or quotes that you insist on putting on your blog. Think again."


Well, DL, I can certainly appreciate that at your age, or any age, one's sensibilities might dictate turning away from the media, which unfortunately in so many cases, left or right or center, are ruled by ratings. I do, however, distinguish between harshness and dishonesty.

Bill Maher may be hard to swallow in his sarcasm and even outright hostility at times, but he doesn't spread lies or misinformation on his show. It's easy enough to look that up, and easy enough to do the research to find out how much of what is presented as information on FOX News, for example, is patently false or grossly distorted.

You know, as an analogy, I would rather have a gruff doctor with a harsh bedside manner who is honest and competent, than a smiling, pleasant liar telling me whatever will work to manipulate me.

Do I think I am doing you any good with my comments, DL? Absolutely not! I have written many times that it is only useful to preach to the choir, to perhaps help wake them out of their sleep from time to time. As for those who only want to obstruct or stand against progress and growth, it is only useful to expose the ignorance and slap down any acting out that intends to stop progress and growth.

Is my intellectual head in the sand? Really? Of course, if I were as harsh as Bill Maher, I might say that some people... Ahhh... nevermind!

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