Here's Jujutomb on PL's post "WHY I STILL LOVE BASEBALL!":

Good post but I disagree when you say you don't have to be in good physical shape. Granted some pitchers are overweight (although not as overweight as a LOT of football players IMO) they nonetheless posses physical gifts and talents that people like you and me dont have. As Tim Kurkjian, a long time baseball expert puts it: "The idea here is to acknowledge the degree of difficulty of baseball. It is golf, with similar skill and concentration, but with tremendous athleticism – running, jumping, throwing, sliding, colliding, etc. – and with significant fear involved. The danger of the game is what separates baseball from golf. Ask NFL players; they want no part of that little white pearl buzzing 100 miles per hour toward the batter's body, which is usually unprotected except for a helmet with an ear flap."
Please, dont classify baseball as a leisurly stroll...fascinating, yes, complex, yes and physically demanding. We love it because it is statistical but also athletic and skillful.

Here's PL:

Okay, Jujutomb - I stand corrected. Perhaps I was trying to take some solace in the idea of excelling at a sport without having a six-pack under my shirt, but anyway, here's an interesting true tale from my adventures in athleticism -

I used to play tennis with a guy who was ten years younger than me and a tri-athlete to boot! Needless to say, I never won a match against him... except once, about five years ago or so, right around the time of my fiftieth birthday.

Here's how it happened...

Right at the start of the match, I took a wrong step and sprained my ankle. I should have stopped playing, of course, but it was a beautiful sunny day in Santa Monica (are there any other kind?), and I loved playing tennis so much, I decided to play on. I had to really favor the injured ankle and I just figured, okay, there's no way I can win today, so just relax and have fun.

Well... I beat him! I actually won my first and only match against this guy. Why? Because I had no choice but to relax and not press and just have some fun. This has been a lesson I have learned and passed on over and over to other people, regardless of what the endeavor is that one is engaged in. When we're in "the zone," we're riding a great wave, and it's important to remember that we are the "surfer" on that wave, but we are not the wave itself.

How to arrive to the zone? Just relax and have fun! Like these chubby guys!

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jujutomb said...

Hi Peter!
Thank you for your comments! I appreciated your post on baseball...I just thought I would make my opinion "heard" and it was great doing so thru your funny and entertaining blog!
All in good spirit!
Julien (Canada)


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