Here's Barry's original comment:

You inspired me to write this based on your “genuine clarity” concept (which I thought was brilliant) from my musical perspective. Being a jazz musician, I have experienced "genuine Clarity" many times This only happens when the group members are on the same level creatively, spiritually & emotionally. By transcending normal consciousness & dismissing my ego, I find myself able to contribute to the spontaneous creation of the music which seems to flow uninhibited from somewhere else. This clarity only happens when I'm in the very moment, with an open and absolutely honest attempt to make something beyond myself as pure & beautiful as possible.
I can remember when I was haunted by memories of "blowing it" while trying to create. It wasn't until I was able to not hear that demon saying " you blew it then, you'll blow it now". Once my mind & spirit was free to be in the moment, without any negativity or doubt, then I felt relaxed, confident & powerful. These personal feelings, as well as taking in similar vibrations from my fellow artists around me, enable me to let it flow & reach creative levels that I never thought I could attain.
Also, it's imperative that artists trust themselves & others around them in "taking a chance" without the fear of being humiliated. So many times a "mistake" turns out to be something quite interesting & an asset to the overall creation.
So much of being a creative artist comes from one's own quest for truth, meaning of existence & the chance to contribute to the soul & spirit of everything beautiful in our world.

Here's Laura to Barry:

I appreciated reading your comments to Peter’s “Genuine Clarity.” Being a musician myself, I can relate to some of the fears you mention. However, I was sad to read that you only experienced genuine clarity under certain conditions, or as you write, “This only happens when the group members are on the same level creatively, spiritually & emotionally.” Yikes! Having played with many other musicians myself, I’m not sure we are ever so tuned in to one another on all these levels! And yet, when we are each tuned in to our own selves, whatever level that may be, THEN we truly make music! We shouldn’t need to channel into a larger source to create “something beyond, as pure & beautiful as possible.” We need only BE ourselves as honestly as we can. Therein lies the beauty, and I think this is the beauty that an audience identifies with and, as you say, this is the moment when you really can’t miss. You can’t make a mistake when you’re this alive, so the “demon voices” are silenced, having nothing to criticize.
You end your passage beautifully; so much of being a creative artist DOES come from one’s own quest for truth. I think finding that truth and living it everyday is “genuine clarity.” Sharing it with others who have found it, music to my ears!!


Anonymous said...

It was rather interesting for me to read the blog. Thanks for it. I like such themes and everything connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

Anonymous said...

Keep on posting such articles. I love to read stories like this. Just add more pics :)


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