Check my blog, my old conservative friends, do a search, and see if you can find anything I've ever written where I praise democrats or the Democratic Party. Find even one word if you can.

I have maintained that I am not political, and I'm not. My support of Barack Obama is based on my assessment of the man, not on his party affiliations. You never hear me writing about democrats. To me, politicians are politicians.

Likewise, my lambasting of the Republicans is not based on political bias, but on my assessment of what remains of a diminishing group of retrogressive, terrified, bitter individuals who have dug their heels into remaining in their childhoods, people whose time has come and gone, but refuse to go out with dignity.

There is no idealized father, kids. Daddy was a drunk. He was abusive. He stole all of the family's money. He cheated. He lied. It's over. Get over it.

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