"LOFF56" comments on "SHE DIDN'T EVEN NEED TO GET LAID!!!" PL Responds

Here's L56:

"I've been thinking about this Octo-Mother problem recently...
Clearly this woman is off the scale psychotic. What's not so clear to me at this point is whether or not the authorities in California are going to attempt to try this woman on charges of reckless endangerment which would undoubtably be within the jurisdiction of those laws.
But this case may fall into the unfortunate realm of the old axiom, "you can't legislate against stupidity." (Arguably her actions are more than just stupid, (psychotic, narcissistic, etc...) but the same sentiment applies I think). Stupidity has almost become as much of an American right as the freedom of speech. It's not in the Bill of Rights, but it might as well be. Obviously nothing that she's done is illegal by the letter of the law, (yet), but just as free speech has its limits, (oral threats are in fact a form of assault), this invisible freedom of stupidity also has its limits. If your stupidity endangers you or any one else, you should be held responsible for it.
What's unfortunate is that since this case is so prevalent in the media, any attempt to try this woman might cause a frenzy in the media as they tend to go like moths to a flame to any human interest story that involves the apparent obstruction of someone's personal rights. In this case this woman's right to be stupid. I'm sure the California officials are nervous that any attempt to bring her up on charges will bring down every Johnnie Cochran wanna-be lawyer who's looking for his 15 minutes of fame to California to defend this crazy woman. I can just see the slogan now: "As long as the kids aint' gettin' hit, you must acquit."
Oy, let's hope California has the balls to stand up and do the right thing."


Yes, L56, in a country rooted in a Constitution and Bill of Rights that protects our freedoms of self-expression and more, we cannot prevent or abridge individual stupidity, unless it harms the rights of others to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It has been established that you cannot shout fire in a crowded movie theater, and likewise it should be established legally that you cannot wantonly have children that you cannot take care of. This isn't China where the state cravenly controls the lives and bodies of women. We certainly won't ever force anyone to have an abortion or even to use birth control, but we do already have the laws in place that make child abuse a crime and to remove children from homes where they are being abused or neglected. It is simply a matter of examining this situation and making that call. I'm rooting, along with you L56, for California and Governor Arnold to stand up and take action on behalf of these 14 kids.

Thanks for the comment.

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