COMMACK, Long Island (WABC) -- A veteran police officer, 45-year-old Glen Ciano, a father of two, on the Suffolk County force for 22 years, was responding to a call when a drunk driver slammed into his patrol car.

Ciano is dead.


What is a drunk driver? Ask yourself. Do you drive a car? Have you ever gotten drunk, or even tipsy? Probably. Would you do both at the same time? More than once? If so, your problem isn't alcohol; your problem is that you are ruled by destructive and self-destructive masochistic impulses that must finally end in an explosion of acting out.

It is not more tragic that the victim here was a policeman. But it is very telling. When you refuse to see the destructive path you are on, your inner GPS, your Higher Self, will make sure that before you check out, you get the message that your denials about your life are exactly that.

When I was a teenager, I got my father to give me his car one snowy night so I could supposedly go to a required religious ed class, which made driving at night legal for a 16 year old. I had no intention of going to that class, but was on my way to meet my friends instead, cool in my big wheels. I wasn't drinking, but I was deep into my masochism, so I slid down a snowy hill and plowed that car right into the car of our family's INSURANCE MAN!

You see, every masochist, just like every psychopath and criminal, wants to get caught finally. The question is, how high will the ante have to go up before it happens? In this case, the final bet was a life.

I was lucky, or maybe willing to see what I was doing ultimately. But the Universe is ruthless in getting us to see what we came here to see.

Think about it.

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