Since 1981, the U.S. economy has operated under the principles of what became known as "Reaganomics." Even during the Clinton years, Republicans were in control of congress, so the basic approach of Reaganomics stayed in place, and of course, during the Bush, Jr. years, it ran rampant.

The 4-pronged approach of Reaganomics (also known as "Supply Side Economics" or "Trickle Down Economics") is this: Cut taxes, cut spending, cut regulation, cut the money supply. In other words, it's a trust-the-market-and-the-private-sector philosophy, while shrinking the size and scope of government.

If you believe in full permission living, Reaganomics sounds like a sympatico idea on the surface, right? Well, only if you are reading selectively, folks. What it says on the home page of this blog is:

"Full Permission Living is the based on the understanding that human beings are, by first nature, sane, loving, cooperative, creative, humorous, intelligent, productive and naturally self-regulating."

Those three words mean everything - "by first nature."

Most of our dysfunctions, created from the wounds and distortions in our childhoods, have become second nature, and it is from that place that people who have not developed the child inside of themselves operate. Greediness, neediness, engorged egos, gross insecurities, rigid thinking, sadistic pleasure-seeking, psychopathic cravings for power, etc., rule the motivations and behavior of most unenlightened human beings.

So, for Reaganomics to work, in other words to be able to rely on private enterprise and the "profit motive" to maintain our schools, roads and health system in good condition, and to insure equitable opportunities for personal growth and financial well-being, the private sector would have to be operating from their healthy, enlightened first nature.

What do you think? Are we even close to that? Of course not.

The greedy psychopaths deal with crumbling roads by flying over them, they deal with deteriorating public schools by going to expensive private schools, and they deal with health care costs by paying the highest price for the most expensive doctors. The needy, just as dysfunctional, deal with deteriorating conditions by collapsing and indulging their victim identity. And the profit motive as an engine of our economy? Not a chance. The greedy dysfunctionals will make higher profits not by making better and better quality products at reasonable prices, but by employing slicker and more subliminally charged advertising, union-busting and outsourcing labor to third world countries. The needy actually watch the commercials in a stupor, fantasizing about the gorgeous women who will fall all over them for drinking Budweiser Light.

No, Reaganomics is at worst a scam, at best a fantasy, an illusion that somehow the foxes in the henhouse won't go on a gluttonous rampage if allowed to. Reaganomics has led to the unmitigated disaster we are currently in.

The solution, obviously, is that we need adult supervision, no less than any child, and rehabilitation, no less than any addict. Barack Obama is the change we need because he represents that adult supervision that we need.

Not everything is debatable.

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