"I'm the eternal optimist, but I'm not a sap."

With that simple statement, and with the passage of his stimulus bill without needing one single Republican vote in the House of Representatives, President Barack Obama signaled the end of a 28-year period that has left our country a financial wreck. In spite of the protests and vindictive, bitter behavior of the remaining few right wing fringe-aholics, there is no legitimate debate about the fallacy of Trickle-Down Reaganomics, especially in a country with so many greedy, psychopathic people in charge of our business institutions.

I have said this many times, and it has angered some of my relativistic friends and readers, but there aren't always two sides to things, at least not two legitimate sides rooted in reality. Dualism is one of the paradigms we are here to transcend on Planet Earth. It is a mental construct that stands against the reality of oneness, which is what we are here to experience consciously.

The universe isn't fair, but it is just. The will of All That Is, of this conscious universe, is inexorable and singularly driven by love and eternal movement. While any individual or group of individuals may choose to try and go against that movement, the laws of cause and effect will provide the appropriate course corrections.

Einstein once said that "God doesn't play dice with the universe." I would, however, add that God does take sides. Not for or against particular persons, countries or religions, of course, but for love, oneness and movement, the essence of All That Is.

It may not be fair that the Republicans are now so outnumbered in Congress that their nay votes are irrelevant, but it is just.

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