Here's Dadloff:

"Just a comment on this latest note from bonni: I guess my taxes will further be increased so the government can take care of 14 more children and a dimwit mother who knows how to get what she needs from us "rich" taxpayers (maybe, I should say a smart mother instead of dimwit mother). In my lifetime, I have seen an awful lot of people like her take advantage of the government without any regard for us law abiding citizens and honest taxpayers. perhaps our lawmakers should smarten up and do something about this and other wasteful spending. But, don't quit your day job waiting for the ear marks and pork barrel to end any time soon. What are your thoughts on this issue."

Well, we all seem to be agreed that the woman in question is psychopathic at best, if not outright delusional and psychotic.

But what is the role, if any, of government, especially when there are innocent children involved?

This woman should not get public money to support her life of craven irresponsibility, though I could see charging her with reckless endangerment, and if found guilty, mandating that she receive treatment. As far as the kids, they would clearly be best served in a foster home or something similar, and yes, that does require taxpayer dollars. But what's the alternative? Allow the kids to grow up with an insane mother, deprived of their health and well-being, only to later plague society as criminals, drug addicts or homeless adults?

We are all one, Dadloff, and that often means that the true adults and wise elders of a society have to set the limits and provide the necessary remedies in order to improve the life of all, and in our current economic paradigm, that requires that we all chip in as needed.

Thanks for the contribution.


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