I posted this note to Joe Scarborough who now has a column on the Huffington Post called "THE LOYAL OPPOSITION."

Joe, as you say of yourself: "Make no mistake of it. I am a proud conservative."

What is hard for you to realize, apparently, is that there can be no other kind of conservative these days. Conservativism was supposed to be a philosophy, not a team sport of some sort. The problem with being "proud" is that it prevents you from being truly open-minded. When you say, proudly, that you have liberals and democrats on your show, you sound like the guy who touts the fact that he has gay or black "friends" to prove that he's not homophobic or racist.

Being truly open-minded means being pragmatic, not political, objective, not dogmatic, humble, not proud.

I have watched your show, Joe. You're certainly not evil, and any vitriol coming at you is repulsive, of course, but you certainly do protest a bit too much about how even-handed you are, don't you think?

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