I've got a great idea! I want to make a lottalottalottalottalotta money. I've got a product to sell, a product not unique to me, but my brand - let's call it a "Chevy" - if I can sell a lot of Chevy's, and make a profit on each one, I can become rich.

Cool! Let's call this system of making a profit "capitalism."

Now, I could make said profit by making my Chevy's really reliable, efficient and high caliber performance-wise, and sell them at reasonable prices, let's say 10 percent above what it cost to make it and sell it, and then as my brand becomes popular, voila! I would make sure, of course, that the workers making the Chevy's for me were satisfied in their jobs, both financially and in terms of working conditions, so they would give me their best effort at reasonable wages.

OR... I could make less reliable, less efficient, lower caliber Chevy's that mostly just look good, keep the prices regularly going up anyway, but get consumers to buy my Chevy's by using really slick, subliminal advertising campaigns that makes them think that buying my product over someone else's will enhance their social status and gratify their fantasy life. Of course, to really maximize profit, instead of hiring American workers at livable wages, I can hire Third World workers not so used to livable wages, and pay them not so livable wages. I can also use the threat of those Third World workers to get the workers in the U.S. to swallow lower standards of living, as well. Man, I'm really getting rich, now! And if I can get tax breaks and deregulation from people in government by shoveling money into their campaigns or by slipping goodies to them under the table, and I can get other big car manufacturers to keep prices high and wages low, too... man, I'm getting super rich!

Now, that's what I call capitalism!

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