This is what I'm talking about. Raising children to evolve our society and world to a higher place is not about biology or matrimony or the ego-driven ownership of an offspring's identity so you can pass down your name or bloodline or relive your own childhood. It's about honoring the transfer of life from the spiritual to the physical.

This passage is from "CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD" (BOOK THREE, I believe) by Neale Donald Walsh. It is beautiful in its unabashed truth and simplicity. If we could only step out of our rigid paradigms and really examine ourselves with love and objectivity, we would see things so much more clearly. That's what I love - seeing things the way they are, not the way the ego-driven side of us wishes they could be.

Savor this:

"In highly evolved cultures, elders live closely with the young ones. The elders are not shuffled off to live by themselves. They are not ignored. Instead they are honored, revered, and held close, as part of a loving, caring, vibrant community. Elders organize and supervise the learning process, as well as housing, feeding, and caring for the children. Offspring are raised by the elders in an environment of wisdom and love, great, great patience, and deep understanding. The young people who gave the children life are usually off somewhere, meeting the challenges and experiencing the joys of their own young lives. They may spend as much time with their offspring as they choose. They may even live in the Dwelling of the Elders with the children, but it is the elders who do the raising, who take the responsibility. And it is an honor, for upon the elders is placed the responsibility for the future of the entire species. And in their societies, it is recognized that this is more than should be asked of young ones."


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