There are many people who won't heal.


I am a holistic psychotherapist, invested in people's healing processes, and I say to you, here and now, that there are some people who won't heal in this lifetime.

No, I don't mean poor people, starving people, oppressed people, exploited people, people in pain. Very often, those who are unjustly imprisoned, discriminated against, physically or mentally violated, robbed, tortured and deceived find the strength from their inviolable souls to transcend the assaults and rise to a higher level of consciousness. It is because of their pain, and their inability financially to cancel it out through artificial means, that suffering people have a better shot at attaining enlightenment that those who nullify their conscious pain.

The hopeless ones I mean are the Senators, CEO's, moguls, pundits, grandiose, sadistic, self-appointed, self-righteous, bloated bigots, Philistines and philanderers who have been running the major institutions of the world throughout our lifetimes and the lifetimes of many generations of our ancestors. They won't heal in this lifetime. They won't. They can't. In most cases, it's too late.

And here's why...

There is such a thing in the progress of a lifetime as a point of no return.

The Pathwork Guide talks about this in an excellent lecture on reincarnating within the same lifetime. The Guide describes how when one can, through determined self-work, complete the seed plan of one's soul in a given lifetime entirely, that person can begin an entirely new course without having to die physically and be reborn again. This is what Jesus was actually talking about when he talked about being born again, not the bastardized, moronic version espoused and made toxic by the so-called "born-agains," who ludicrously think you only have to verbally proclaim your belief in Jesus and you'll be born again. (My 8 year old would laugh at the level of primitive thinking in that crude mindset.)

But, at the other end of the spectrum of self-development, the end where self-work is avoided at all costs, are those for whom dying physically is ultimately the only way to have a chance at another lifetime. Anything else would be too exhausting, even for the soul. Those folks are too entrenched, too numb, too weighed down with stolen riches, to encased in layers of psychopathy, dogma and beliefs, and too supported by their own deaf, dumb and blind acolytes, who themselves, are only nourished by the prescription drugs they cling to, to shed their character structure chains and be born again within the same physical lifetime.

Do you know how many, many people, by the way, speaking of half-dead acolytes, are in or approaching middle age today, and taking tons of legal drugs every year? It's amazing! Drugs for high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, high anxiety, difficulty sleeping, difficulty losing weight, restless leg syndrome, and of course, the various hard-on pills, necessary after all the other drugs have killed your sexual potency. These veritable zombies have no will of their own to call out the psychopaths who are despoiling this beautiful world, while raping and pillaging our populace. It's all that they can do to turn on the TV by nightfall.

So, even if you're not poor or sick or destitute, people, embrace your pain, whatever form it takes. It is a memo from your body and psyche, telling you where to look to heal yourself. Don't allow yourself to be tricked by the pharmacologists masquerading as healers and doctors.

You need your pain.

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