Here's Dadloff:

"Count yourself as one of the many people in that group of 50 million people that does not want insurance along with the 11 or 12 million that do not qualify for insurance because they are illegal aliens plus a few million that are between jobs and that 50 million sure drops a lot. Scare tactics? Maybe.
It seems to me you always have a comeback for intelligent remarks like the comments that Rick and Loff56 made about certain items on your blog, not to mention the attack on me for my comments. Don't try to convince me that you are not anti-Republican, when most of your negative remarks are against Republicans, of which I am one. No respect?


So, in a supposedly enlightened country in the 21st century, it's okay with you that not everyone, whatever the head count in millions, who gets sick be able to get appropriate health care? Is this a revival of "Dickensian economics?"

"Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?!"

And by the way, I made it pretty clear, I thought, in my response to LOFF56, that I wasn't trying to convince anyone of anything.

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