A headline today from an article by Thomas B. Edsall notes that the GOP is returning to a "white voter strategy." But my question is: Which white voters? The article, citing a PEW RESEARCH CENTER poll, says that the little appeal left for the Republican Party is among southern whites of low and moderate incomes, which might seem counterintuitive, but it once worked for Richard Nixon in his infamous "Southern Strategy" back in 1968. Why?

I wrote this last week about the relationship between the GOP and the working poor in a piece I entitled "THE GREEDY AND THE NEEDY":

At first blush, that might seem an odd combination, since it would be obvious to any objective observer that the working poor are being exploited by the Republican Party. But throughout history, the greedy have always been revered and adored by the needy. Each tend to see their station in life as God-given in some way, and so the abuse is taken as a matter of course. The genocide of Native Americans, the enslavement of Africans, the suppression of civil rights for any group other than white men, the canard of "trickle-down economics" that proclaims the benefits for all of benefitting only the rich, the despoiling of the environment everywhere except where the rich white men's families own vacation homes - these actions are all somehow accepted by the poor and ignorant. In fact, those same poor folks will often gladly give their lives in wars for those rich exploiters whose own children never go to war.

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alohaz said...

The religious leadership in this country reaffrims the station of the needy and keeps them in a state of servitude to the greedy and otherwise keeps them baffled with bullshit.


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