Remember when Republicans were screaming about her being a "reverse racist?!" Well, nine of those guys ended up voting for her confirmation yesterday, so today, she'll be sworn in as a Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Hmmm... So, the GOP lost on the Stimulus plan that they said was going to ruin the world (and of course all the GOP governors accepted the dough and took credit for the work its doing), they lost on Sonya Sotomayor, who was going to destroy the Court and the country (and of course, they voted for her and will seek the Hispanic vote on that line), and they will lose on health care, which they've been screaming about turning the country into a Communist dictatorship (which of course, they'll take credit for it when their constituents are enjoying the benefits of cheaper health care).

Has there ever been a more blatant, two-faced group of hogs and old, white pimps than this GOP? They rile up the Deliverance crowd of their base with racist diatribes about a "Kenyan" stealing away "their country," then they try and suck up to average people by taking credit for Obama's initiatives.

I used to ask regularly, how stupid are we? But now I have to ask, how stupid do they think we are?

Congrats, Justice Sotomayor!

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