Here's a perfect follow-up to my post: "GIVING TO GET OR DOING IT FOR LOVE." It's by Jason Mannino and it's entitled: "HOW DOING WHAT YOU LOVE SERVES HUMANITY."

I've been on this subject a lot lately, and over the years, the subject of giving, and how it's not about "doing good deeds" or "self-sacrifice," but about genuinely doing what you love to do, what your particular gifts are about. So, come on folks, no more excuses. If you've got a talent, or a passion, give it up. The world could use you!

Here's a delicious taste from the piece by Mannino:

"When you are living in your center in connection with your true self, you are also directly connected to the part of you that knows the gifts and talents you were born to share in this lifetime. This is your life's calling. More often than not it is also your dream, the thing that you love to do, and the thing that makes you feel alive, inspired, and jump out of bed in the morning. The great news is that what you are born to do in this life is how you serve humanity."

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