Wow! What a difference a day makes! You certainly have achieved your objective of rattling the cage and firing people up. That, sprinkled with some actual thoughts + conclusions that are worthy of noting. I guess I , along with others thought it would be the other way around. Not gonna happen! I get that too but it is still fun to hold up a mirror and determine if the reflection can be seen.

My main point, which is very clear, is to refute your claim that anyone, dems or repubs or even the previous administration are not allowed to, "now claim they were betrayed by the Fake Cowboy and Darth Vadar". Based on the info, you can't fault them for supporting the war, just as you can't credit others who opposed the war because of the informations which was thought to be true at the time.

I know there are some people who will support any war for any reason and the same can be said of those who would oppose it for any reason. Take those out of the equation because the information didn't matter, they were never betrayed.

I get that only direct harsh words spill from the frustration of 28 years of, "...nefarious and/or incompetent leadership in the White House..." and, people "needed to be awakened to the clarion call of consciousness that a new day was upon us". I get that point. Where I and others on this blog differ is the approach and the level of integrity of your words and approach.

Another great disarming tactic,
"And crying that the democrats have fucked up, too, isn't really a position, is it kids? No. It's just what kids say when they've been caught being mean, selfish or stupid."
When you only lambaste one group or side, without recognizing the obvious culpability on the other side, and then dismissing anyone who might point it out, well, isn't that childish too? Isn't that like school girls + boys sticking their fingers in their ears and making noise with their tongues flopping around as to not hear any other words? Right "kids". (Yet another dismissive tactic used to not have to explain a hypocritical position. I will give you this, you are relentless in your use of these tactics I just I hope I don't tire and give up and allow you to get away with it.)

I do read these blogs and for you to try another dismissive tactic instead of just responding to the merit, or lack thereof, of the post, well, I throw the BS flag too, (I am running out though LOL!) Telling me to read your posts? BS As you often trumpet yourself, don't give me the one example of the time you chastised indiscriminately. That, according to your calculus doesn't make it so. (I disagree with it, but I am trying to use a logic you set to find some clarity here)

I will again use the same tactic you frequently use.
Here are the excerpts from the blog I did actually read + the only one to which I responded.

1. "as if being a Republican was their patriotic calling card"
2. "So, these new "former Republicans"
3. "And crying that the democrats have fucked up, too"

Sooo, if you these are not indicative of your biased opinion on this post. Help me understand your point.

You could just say ok "Sonny Boy" ( I was told to include that one) and pat me on my head without ever having to explain yourself and continue with the reckless conclusions often found throughout the blog that I do read.


Okay, Rick (I can't bring myself to say "Sonny Boy!") - I don't want to repeat myself but I can only repeat myself. In this set of blog entries over the last two years since Obama started running for president and actually became able to win, and now since he's been president, there has been an uprising of the worst and lowest levels of consciousness in our society, from those who fear change.

It is obvious to the visitor we had here for the last week from another country, observing it from the outside, that Obama represents something new and hopeful to the country and the world at large. Many can easily see this. But those who are riddled with fear of that which is unfamiliar, those who operate from a primitive mindset that requires sameness (not to be confused with oneness) in order to feel safe, they are making a great deal of non-productive, even destructive noise. So, I am delivering an antidote - exposure.

Why you keep trying to make this about Democrats versus Republicans, I can only assume, is because that is familiar territory for you.

It is the Republicans making the loudest noise and creating the most maniacal type of disruptions right now of the progress that the rest of our society is supporting, so, again, repeating myself, I am doing my part to contribute to the exposure.

Finally, and again, what you call my "bias," I call the observations resulting from seeking the truth and reporting what's there for anyone to see... if they want to.

La fortuna buona di notte e buona!

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