Here's Rick:

I apologize if anything in my statement referred to the Emancipation Proclamation as being right wing. I would ask others if they read it as such. Keep hitting me with the stupid stick if I made that connection, I deserve it. And yes you would be right that my argument would have no point.

However, as President, and as we have seen many politicians do today, Lincoln had to put his personal beliefs aside and make choices.

These quotes are both from PBS's "Africans in America"

..."In his inaugural address, delivered on March 4, 1861, Lincoln proclaimed that it was his duty to maintain the Union. He also declared that he had no intention of ending slavery where it existed, or of repealing the Fugitive Slave Law -- a position that horrified African Americans and their white allies...."

..."Though "contraband" slaves had been declared free, Lincoln continued to insist that this was a war to save the Union, not to free slaves. But by 1862, Lincoln was considering emancipation as a necessary step toward winning the war. The South was using enslaved people to aid the war effort...."

It is well documented that he would not have ended slavery but for the fact that it would save the Union. I could go on extensively proving this. It is also true that he personally despised slavery. That explains when the opportunity presented itself, he jumped and brought this country to a better place forever, a true liberal by your definition.

You accurately wrote that the Republicans sold out to the far right. I would also contend the Democrats sold out to the far left. Gore, Kerry + H. Clinton all were endorsed by the Democratic establishment but lost. (Obama was not the "establishment's" choice and that's why he was electable in November. He isn't a far left liberal and his policies are proving that)

It is too bad we have prolonged primaries where these extremists matter.

Here's PL:

You are right, Rick. "Politics," and what that has come to mean, is a double-edged sword that can, on the one hand, force a politician to transcend his limited personal beliefs or betray his greater, higher self in service of his ambition. This is always worth remembering. Thanks for reminding us!

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