Watching the tearful reunion this week between journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling and their families on American soil, having been rescued through the diplomatic efforts of the U.S., a task assigned to former president Bill Clinton, I couldn't help but marvel at the responses of Dick Morris and John Bolton, neo-con has-beens left over from the Cretaceous Administration. They actually claimed that talking to the crazy dictator of North Korea to secure the release of our hostages somehow hurt American interests. Morris went as far as to say that it was "their decision (the journalists) to go their, so..."

Whew! I could go on about the inanity of these guys, but Jon Stewart nailed it on his show 2 nights ago in a way that I couldn't possibly top.

Here's what Stewart said about Dick Morris:

"Yeah, he'll probably end up some two-bit partisan troll, a shell of his former self, his outward physical appearance slowly reflecting the putrification of his soul, a Harvey Fierstein-esque conservative minstrel, rolling from town to town in a rented conversion van, each day a carbon copy of the last, with only the changing of his three gravy-stained red speech ties to mark the progression of time, every sunrise an incandescent 'Fuck you!' from a God that long ago abandoned him."

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