"Anonymous" on PL's post: "TAKING OUT THE TRAILER TRASH?!"/PL Responds - "COOTIES ARE REAL!!"!

Here's "Anonymous":

"In a statement Armey said: 'It is painful and frustrating to see a good, decent, able and effective partnership of honorable men and women and their clients attacked for things in which they are not involved simply because of their association with me. One would expect a higher degree of competence and professionalism from members of the media than spurious attacks on innocent bystanders."


That's all Anon sent me, so I'm not sure, since only Armey's own words were posted, if Anon is meaning to be ironic, or actually meaning to imply that Armey himself saying that his intentions were honorable means that they were, which would be even more ironic given who he is!

Dick Armey, who is ranked as one of DC's top "hired guns” is a corporate lobbyist with a history of directing Freedom Works to support the goals of Armey’s clients, such as the corrupt regime in Ethiopia. Dick Armey enjoyed unprecedented access in the Bush Administration and was instrumental in quashing over 12 Congressional Bills introduced by lawmakers to take punitive actions against the regime in Ethiopia for its numerous violations of international law and human rights, and genocides in the Gambela, Ogaden and Oromia regions of Ethiopia. Dick Armey’s and his “network” bombarded Congress with faxes, emails and letters to prevent lawmakers from taking action against the lawless and belligerent regime.

Today, the US President, Barack Obama, is on the receiving end of Dick Armey’s wrath. Freedom Works staffers coordinated conference calls amongst protesters, provided “sign ideas”, “sample press releases”, “how-to guides for delivering a ‘clear message’ to the public and media” etc. etc. As it had done in the past, Freedom Works also used several domain addresses, some of them made to look like they were set up by amateurs, to promote the protests.

Now, upon being exposed as the insidious fraud that he is, manipulating the dull and ignorant in our society, Armey has suddenly resigned. Gee... that's odd, isn't it?

The people Dick Armey recruits remind me of my 7 year old, who recently told me that "cooties" were real, and "you had to get a cootie shot to avoid them." When I asked her how she knew this, she simply said that the schoolyard bully told her so. That was enough "proof" for her. Well, basically, that is the same level of analytic thinking shown by the tea baggers, birthers, and anti-health care reform protesters shouting nonsense at the town halls at Armey's instruction.

"How do you know that President Obama wants to kill old people, Jimmy?" "Because Dick Armey said so, Henrietta."


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