This is a local story, but pretty hard to believe, so I had to comment on it: Park Slope parents want ice cream trucks banned from playgrounds because they can't stand the meltdowns their kids have when they say no. Yep. I didn't make this up. It's on the ONLY THE BLOG KNOWS BROOKLYN blog.

I mean - Wow! I haven't commented much on the narcissism breeding ground that is Park Slope in a while - been busy with Obama's election and now, health care and the crazy right wing backlash - but this is a whopper that I can't ignore. This is such a horrific story about parental abandonment of children and abdication by the very worst kind of adults. That a parent would rather attempt to ban ice cream trucks from the playground than set limits on their child's sugar cravings and tantrums is extraordinarily disturbed and tragic. I thought I'd heard it all when the Stepford Parents here were mounting a protest to allow their toddlers in strollers into bars, but clearly, the hits keep on coming out here in parental Loonyville. Park Slope is really a bad place to raise children, isn't it? I mean, here is a conglomerate of vicariously acting out deprived adult parents gutting their children of the strengths needed to function in the world - frustration tolerance, delayed gratification, self-regulation... Whew!

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