Okay, I have to share this because it's simultaneously pathetic, hilarious, tragic and ultimately, dangerous. A regular reader of this blog forwarded me an e-mail circulating around the internet about why we must stop gun control measures from being enacted. The gist of it is because without guns in the hands of citizens, we won't be able to stop a government take-over. I'm not kidding. They're serious!

So, try and imagine, if you can, the scenario: our government decides to send in the CIA or the Navy SEALS, or worse yet, BLACKWATER, not accountable to anyone, to take over your neighborhood. You and your friends and Joe the Plumber, armed with pistols, shotguns, even assault rifles, maybe a few wrenches, are somehow going to stand in armed combat against their helicopters, tanks, Humvees and whatever else the latest technology can offer. What do you think? Good plan? Yeah, you and your silly friends are going to shoot those suckers and scare them off, huh?! Like... what are you, living in the 18th Century?!

Why, I asked these folks, do you think that the Bush-Cheney administration, one of the worst perpetrators of violating our civil rights and laws in modern times, allowed us to keep our guns without gun control? Because it's a childish illusion that you're safe with your guns from these violations. These rights are undermined through subverting our laws. They leave you with your pacifiers, so you'll behave yourself and shut-up, and for the last eight years, you did shut-up while our Constitution and economy was dismantled.

This isn't playing army or cowboys and Indians, folks, like when you were eight years old. How old are you?!!? You have to grow up and enlighten yourself and stop hiding behind your A-Team fantasies, and start saying no to violating our Constitution and laws by awakening to reality.

Whew!! What happened to you folks?!

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