Here's "Anonymous":

That's just it, that's exactly the problem with the Democratic Party! Loff56 is a perfect illustration. Don't offend anyone? That's exactly how we got into this mess in the first place!

Taking lobbyists money and then becoming beholden to protecting their interests, when it is not in accordance with the interests of the people they serve, is not just offensive, but it does nothing for the majority of our country and everything for big corporations! Ultimately this behavior renders all politicians ineffectual and never facilitates any real needed changes to our country- a country that is currently in desperate need of change.

The Democratic party needs to grow a pair or move over to let a new party of "truth seekers" in.

On the Republican side, some people need to get offended because they are acting very offensive very loudly! I for one hate labels, but If someone who labels themselves a "Republican" - for example, Ann Coulter, Michele Bachmann, John Boehner, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Steele - goes on to say totally offensive and ludicrous things, aren't you just using their own words to describe them? Hopefully the intelligent people reading this blog understand that this does not mean all Republicans or Democrats are automatically the same. But if they are labeling themselves as Republicans, then using that label is correct.

The reason we never hear Obama use words like those on the list on PL's blog is because Obama is a good politician with a high level of political savvy, carefully weighing and measuring at all times. That's fine, but I am so grateful that we are not all politicians and that the truth can still be stated with frankness when necessary.

The words used on PL's blog may be hard hitting and offensive to some but isn't accuracy more important than "decorum" in this case?

Go for it PL! Offend away! Nothing you have ever said could be more offensive than what we are hearing out of the mouths of these crazy people you are are quoting daily on your blog.

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