First Anonymous quotes PL - "attempting to redefine what the far right is" - and then, Anonymous asks: "Define what form of Government is the most 'far right' form of Government?"

Here's PL:

I answered the question in a post below to Auntlori and Rick - The phrase "right-wing" was coined during the French Revolution, when right-wing referred to seating arrangements in parliament; those who sat on the right supported the monarchy, the aristocracy and the established church. Today, the term "the Right" is primarily used to refer to political groups, including conservatives, reactionaries, monarchists, aristocrats, religious fundamentalists, and some nationalists. The Right also encompasses views supporting free markets and making the right of owning private property the paramount right. Interestingly enough, traditional Republicanism, by most definitions, is almost the opposite of right wing ideology. A "republic," technically, is the rule by many and by laws and is anti-monarchial.

I know from the link you sent, Anon, that you want to purport that right wing governance means the least amount of government, but that is simply not correct. Libertarians desire the least amount of government.

Our country is generally referred to as a "democratic republic" with conservative and liberal leanings at different times. Conservatives want a government that maintains the prevailing social order and puts the needs of capitalists first, whereas Liberalism is a broad class of political philosophies that considers individual liberty and equality to be the most important political goals. True Republicans desire a strict adherence to the rule of law, while a true democrat desires government that places democracy - majority rule - in the highest place.

The far right wing, on the other hand, is neither Republican or Democratic, and not truly Conservative or Liberal, either.

A far right winger desires that there be a strict hierarchy and class system in society, based on wealth, race, gender and religion, rigidly enforced by a lone ruler, who is elevated above the rest of the masses. That is why it was so acceptable to the far right that Bush broke our laws and defiled our constitution and got his mandate to start a war not from the people or the rule of law, but from "God." The far right was also fine with the Bush policies that greatly enhanced the abundance of the richest among us, while abusing, neglecting and exploiting the general working classes, because that is the kind of aristocracy right wingers admire, even at the expense of themselves and most other people in the country.

The Republican Party, by embracing the right wing in order to capture the votes of racists in the deep south (See the Southern Strategy), and by embracing deregulation of corporations in order to rake in big cash, sold itself out and is now paying the price. There is a lesson here.

Anon, might I suggest you stop looking for an idealized big daddy out there who's going to use and abuse you "for your own good" because he and God know best?

How can I say this more succinctly? Get your head out of your ass?!

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Anonymous said...

You, are Right - Obama, Good; continuing Bush Wars, Good; keeping Patriot Acts, Good; more LOVING Government, Good,Good, Good; Big Brother Watching Over US, Good; Doublethink Good; MONSANTO guy head of agriculture, Good; Men In black ski masks with Big Guns, GOOOOOOOD; Sheeple with Guns Baahaahaaahaad, Freedom, Bad; Doublethink Bad; Questioning the men behind the curtain bad, bad, bad!


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