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Integrity - rather than the appearance of integrity - would be nice, wouldn't it? Seems they're just going for the peons who weren't following the torture memos 'correctly':


'How dare you tell me I am retrogresive, racists, sexists, xenophobic, homophobic, greedy, needy, prescription drug filled, numbskull, deliverance hypocrite and dinasour to boot.
When you stop watching "huffington post", "crooks and liars", "countdown", "the daily show" and "real time", maybe you will be a little more respectfull towards republicans like me and remember that there are a lot of democrats, past and present that are just as bad or worse then some of the republicans you see fit to critisize and want to throw in jail. I think you may want to look back and see what kind of trouble the dems got themselves into and what kind of trouble they got this country into over the years.
And where the hell does Bill Maher get off saying I am stupid because of the things I believed about Hussien and other things. is he so above and smarter then all of us that he sees fit to put down?
About health care. I will be opposed to this reform until congress gives me the same coverage they get and at their cost or they go on medicare and pay the same as we do.
And where the hell does the Pres and Congress think they can bully us into believing what ever they say or want is the best thing for this country. Do they take us for a bunch of fools by trying to make us think that there are 50 million people without insurance when more than 30% of them do not want insurance or are illigals that make money but don't pay for their own insurance.
I think, no matter how good they are or what party they belong to, I will never vote for an incumbant again. I also think, for the betterment of this country, there should be term limits for ever elected official from town supervisors to the president of one six year term. That way, no one will be beholding to anyone for the purpose of getting relected again. We need fresh blood in all aspects of government. We need to get rid of all these high spending and corrupt politicians out of office as soon as possible so we can get new and fresh ideas for all of us and not the same old same old. Maybe, then, we can stop all the name calling and finger pointing and blaming of each other and get rid of all this pork barrell spending which is costing all of us very dearly. Neither of them can be right when there is so much dissagreement between them.
We need to stop listening to the likes of Maher and Limbaugh who like to create controversy between us and listen to news programs that deliver facts and not opinions. If they want to express opinions, let them go on a street corner with a milk crate and entertain people. And that includes you with all your debatable "FACTS" and one sided opinions."

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